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I’ve been to Stockholm twice this summer, and what remains are these photos of beautiful buildings, great memories and an increased desire to move here. It’s only right that I live here some day when I was born in this amazing city!

I celebrated midsommar with flower crowns and everything, jet-skied around the archipelago and spent time with my family at their summer house, and when I went back again in late july to meet up with my friends from Paris I discovered just how awesome the nightlife in Stockholm is as well. I slept 8 hours in three days, so let’s just say we made the most out of our time together.



I’ve been on a jeans spree this summer, getting my hands on both Acne jeans, boy-friend jeans and the classic skinny jeans, but the most fun addition to my wardrobe are these jeans, which I threw on for the road trip to Stockholm. They turned out to fit perfectly, and they’re my grandma’s vintage 501′s from Levis!



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Figured I could do a little update, as I’ve been so busy with everything else. Just before I headed out for dinner last week, I got an email saying I’d lost the apartment that I’d already signed a contract for, all because of an error with the agency, leaving me with no choice but to start a two month searching process all over again. It’s pretty depressing, having to spend every minute that I’m not working searching on the computer, and it’s even worse when I’m not able to see the places in real life. Therefore, it felt good to get away.

First Embla’s summer house, and now Stockholm. Photos coming up!



When the guys in the family headed out to kite last night, my mom and I decided to have dinner in Oslo. The sun was shining, and it was a beautiful day to stroll and look at people. First however, we needed food.


Café Skansen is something I’ve always wanted to try out, but it’s easy to forget about the option when Aker Brygge is such an easy, safe choice. The restaurant is perfectly located on the other side of the port, so you can enjoy your meal outside with a gorgeous view of the sunset.


Mussels for me and moose tartare for mommy!



After dinner we strolled around and discovered some new sweet spots in Oslo, and there are pictures coming up..



My mom and I were craving sashimi, but we didn’t know what to have with it. I’m not a big fan of rice, so we made a salad instead that fit perfectly to the raw salmon. One mango, two avocados, half a red onion, fresh coriander and some sesame seeds mixed together, nothing else. The sauce we made out of soy sauce, honey and ginger,  was perfect with the salmon and salad. Try it out yourself!



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I spent yesterday painting furniture in the sunshine with my parents.  We’re renovating our cabin this summer, and it’s going to be such a nice place to hang out once everything’s finished.



I decided to cook dinner for the family today, as I’ve been inspired both by my friends at home and in Paris to cook more.. And then some of you asked me to post more recipes, so I figured I could share this with you!



Inspired by the taboule you find everywhere in Paris, I tried to make one with quinoa instead of couscous, without forgetting to add coriander, mint, olive oil and lemon.

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Then I stole my friend’s recipe of chicken mixed with natural yoghurt, garlic and sundried tomatoes from the dinner we had on Saturday, and mixed the two dishes together. They make the perfect summer plate!