20PM TO 18 PM


I was so happy Ingvild joined me for a night out in Paris. Going to bars beats clubbing anytime, and my only plan was to take her to Le Mary Celeste, one of the popular bars close to my place. As you know, the night didn’t end there, so we were pretty tired when we got up the next morning. Nevertheless, we dragged our make-up-less faces out to get breakfast at Marché des Enfants Rouge. This market is supposedly the oldest covered market in Paris, famous for all the food stands serving dishes from all over the world. They also have a fresh vegetable vendor and an abundance of flowers, which I plan on going back for today.


It was such a warm day, so we decided to stroll down to Shakespeare & Company in the nice weather. We each bought some books and sat down to read for half an hour, before it was time for Ingvild to catch her flight. With so much work lately, I even had to work when she was here, but I think we still managed to make the most out of the 22 hours we had together. Minimal sleep and flaneries is what Paris is all about.





This weekend I visited Champagne for the first time, where my friend Johanne is studying at Science Po. Ingvild came down too, so we could all catch up over some champagne and have a “koselig” time together, a study-break survival method we learnt back in the IB.champ3

On our visit to Chateau de Pommery, we descended the long staircase to the champagne caves with our French speaking  guide. Not only did we learn about the making of champagne – we also saw incredible art pieces they have dedicated to the art of creating champagne.champ4 champ6

An hour later we resurfaced from the dark, and sat down with some glasses of champagne. We chatted on for hours, and almost got kicked out at closing time. champ5

The rest of the weekend was spent reading together, baking cinnamon buns and enjoying the little break on Nov 11th. Ingvild joined me on the train back to Paris on Monday, and we spontaneously stayed up until 7am, hopping from bar to birthday party to after party to pasta party. We met so many new people, and it was such a random and successful night. Best of all was that we both spoke French most of the night. Merci, Ingvild!



… when my mom visited me. Hehe, not really, but it’s almost a month since now so it’s about time I round up our lovely weekend with another restaurant tips. It is Café Charlot that seems to be set in Paris 70 years ago. The restaurant is decorated with white tiles, rustic lamps and the waiters wear all white. When I walked in, I immediately recognized the style from a restaurant we usually visit during lunch breaks at uni - Café Central. It turns out it’s the same owner, so if you’re either in the 7th or the 3rd arrondissement, you should try it out!




It was the perfect end to a long, chilly Sunday. Mom went all in and ordered escargots for me to try for the first time, and it turned out to taste mostly garlic and not too terrible. Then, we ordered extra fries to the best beaf they had on the menu.


Feeling pretty lucky!


Cafe Charlot

38 Rue de Bretagne

75003 Paris



Sunday was amazing! We had so much wind I had to use the smallest kite I’ve ever tried, and it was tough to manage at first. The wind was so strong the sand was whipping our faces in the cold, grey weather, but it felt so good afterwards. Coming home exhausted, I took a warm shower and fell asleep straight away. I woke up on Monday with tangled beach hair and sore muscles, and it took a minute to realize that I was back in Paris. With the opportunity of going on day trips like this, I have to get some equipment ready so I can go more often!




New to this year is that I’ve gotten in contact with the kite-surfers in Paris. They have an apero every month, and it was my second time on Thursday. I don’t know what it is with kite-surfers, but they are the nicest people ever! Walking home(when I saw this cool art-piece on the wall) I couldn’t stop smiling. Tomorrow morning I’m joining the others for a drive to the coast, and they will even let me borrow their equipment so I can tryout myself! I’m too excited for words.


IMG_6633 collage

I dare say brunch has become the new dinner. The fashionistas, professional world travelers and life-loving Parisiennes I follow on Instagram seem to care more about brunch spots than restaurants, and my assumption was confirmed when my mom and I got the last free table at Claus, a regular Tuesday morning before class. After 10am, people were rejected at the door and asked to make reservations for the next day, because there was no possibility of getting a table within the hour. This made breakfast taste extra good for us of course, knowing how many people there were wanting to get our window spot.

IMG_6621IMG_6624 IMAG3372 IMG_6631

Claus is definitely worth a visit if you want to treat yourself to a nice breakfast. There are tempting tarts I would easily go back for, not to mention the fancy, popular venue that makes reading a book and dragging out time by the table a little more special.



So Ida dragged me out for a stroll in the neighborhood some weekends ago, when the sun was still shining like it was summer all over again. The first thing we run into is this Batman girl speeding up and down the street in front of her dad in work attire. Like a boss. Not the man, the girl obviously.


Then I got to show Ida the concept store Merci.


Easily mistaken for an art museum or a cafe, you can also buy interior stuff here. It’s definitely worth a visit, if not just for a coffee in the library section.


Then we strolled on and discovered the street art of Marais.


Before I headed to one of my favorite cafés Rose’s Bakery to continue reading. At least I was supposed to, until I shared a table with a woman who started rambling on in french, expressing how old she felt and how I had my whole life ahead of me. Before I knew it, we had been talking for over an hour. She had been an actress in her early years, and had done all types of theaters and comedies. When she told me her stories, she remarked again and again “what a brilliant life” she had led. She frequents Rose’s Bakery for their organic raw-pressed juices, and I might have to go back too, not only for the juices, but for random encounters like these ones, which improve your french and gives you a taste of the life of a Parisienne.



I had the best time when my mom came over, and I have so many pictures to show you since then! Here we had afternoon tea at Carette by Place des Vosges, to leave me a chance to read while my mom helped me buy things for the apartment. And now last weekend, when my cousin Felicia visited with her friend Susanna from Stockholm, I spent two days straight studying for midterms when they were out exploring the city. This weekend I am studying some more, and focusing on recovering from midterm week, and the lack of sleep, fever and cold it brought with it.. This semester is too overloaded, so I am looking forward to a break in two weeks time!