After all the christmases, “midsommar”s and family dinners at grandma’s it was about time to try to give something back when she decided to come all the way from Sweden to visit me. When I got started with the washing, I ended up scrubbing all the walls, and washing both windows and curtains way into the night. When that was done, I went grocery shopping and prepared a little tapas for their arrival.

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I am the luckiest to have such amazing women in my life, and now also in my apartment! It feels even more like home now, especially with this thoughtful gift.


Grandpa’s art, bubbles, and lots of candy from Sweden.



Dreaming myself away to this paradise which my best friends currently find themselves in. I am beyond excited for everything they get to experience through their four month travel this year, and it is a real treat to be able to follow them through their blog. You should too! I wish I could be there with them right now, as I miss them more and more everyday – but luckily I have someone very special coming and visiting me from home tomorrow. That is the reason I am currently procrastinating by reading blogs, when I should be scrubbing the apartment. But as a motivation, I promise to show you pictures of my apartment tomorrow morning, so that you can see how it looks! Have a good evening, and don’t forget where to visit next! 




It was so wonderful to have a dinner night with the girls yesterday, where the only intention was to catch up over some really good, homemade food. We were at Camolie and Ida’s place, so we took advantage of the luxury of having an oven. I whipped up my focaccia recipe, and served it with a big chicken salad and tzatziki. Then we topped it all off with chocolate ice-cream from Angelina, and as many strawberries as we could possible eat.

I woke up early today to give courses in Norwegian again, and we had fun learning how to describe rooms. When I was to verify whether Louis had got it right or not, his entire room was full of Norwegian flags, maps and pictures! It’s so much fun to see their enthusiasm about their Norwegian roots. When it was time for the second round at home, I brought the kids out to the park with macaroons and taught them words for whatever we could find outside. In the end, we ended up speaking more french than english, so you can imagine how rewarding it is!


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I have lived in Passy since September, and yet I have so much to discover in this quiet, elegant part of Paris. I took a slight detour on my way home from school yesterday(again, inspired by all the namedropping about Passy in the book by Julian Green), and after having discovered these old buildings with bursting, green gardens I had to bring my camera to show it all to you. I definitely think Passy is underrated. Sure, it’s residential and dead at night, but it has become my safe, charming home away from home, and I’ve decided to stay.



This week I had a big midterm coming up, so I spent my day studying from 7am in the morning to late at night, and when I got home from the library only to crash in bed at 1am, I woke up feeling pretty dazed on the day of the exam. I got dressed quickly, and was just about to run to the boulangerie for a croissant and espresso to accompany my morning study session, when I got distracted by the morning sun painting the walls with shadows of heart-shaped chimneys.

These are the sort of moments which I think I will remember more strongly than any walk under the Eiffel Tower or extravagant celebration in the finer restaurants in Paris. Simply appreciating the small moments, even when you have an accounting exam ahead of you.


I got my results today already, and a personal clap on the shoulder from my sweet teacher congratulating me with an A. I had already celebrated for no specific reason by sleeping over at Stine, with bubbles and mango both for dessert and breakfast, so when I got home after school today I decided to get busy instead of lazy. But in line with previous habitude, I soon dropped my IKEA bag full of laundry when I caught this lady sitting in the shadows of the sunset, reading a book on her petite terrace. And I remember thinking again, this is Paris. What I read in my Paris book an hour later while waiting for the laundry, assured me that I wasn’t the only one dumbfounded by these small parts of life here.

I used to wonder as a child how the mere name of Paris could denote so many different things, so many streets and squares, so many gardens, houses, roofs, chimneys, and above it all the shifting, insubstantial sky that crowns our city - Julian Green 



When I went to  Shakespeare and Company last weekend, I simply couldn’t restrain myself from investing in some classics. But amongst all the famous english books, I was surprised to find only one french. Or half french, at least. This book by the American Julian Green is a memoir of his lifetime in Paris, and it is written in his two mother tongues – french and english. Each time you fold over, there’s a new page on french to your left, and the english translation to the right. It’s remarkable how many words you learn when you force yourself to read the french version first, and whenever you’re stuck you can turn to the right for the explanation. It takes time to get through, but it’s such a good way to learn and especially enjoyable since I can read out in the sun. Yesterday I was just finished with giving courses in Norwegian, and after having done the grocery shopping for the new week I was exhausted. Yet, I’m so glad I got back out and enjoyed the last rays of the afternoon sun with my book. With shorts and a t-shirt, the sunshine burnt on my skin and I felt completely re-energized afterwards – for a Saturday night in bed.

I watched some series last night, and experimented with coding a new theme for the blog. Do you like the new look? I figured I needed something new for some new readers. I really appreciate your comments and that you pop by!



In celebration of Reilly turning legal (in American terms), we went to Très Honoré at Marché du Place Saint Honoré for her birthday. We sat and enjoyed ourselves over great food and wine without noticing the time, now that we finally had time to sit down and talk. At midnight however, we decided to get the bill – only to realize that Reilly was treating us all on the dinner!!! I can’t say thank you enough sweetie, so here’s another one!! xxx 


Thank you all for such a great evening!



Sweater and purse – Marc by Marc Jacobs, skirt – H&M, heels – Zara

When the temperature hit 20 degrees this Saturday, and Johanne and I headed to Sacre-Cœur to enjoy the sun with all the Parisians.