Most of the time in New York was spent in Soho, where Embla and Charlotte live. It’s the best area for shopping, cafes, restaurants, speak-easies…  Just everything really! I spent way too much on shopping, but I regret nothing. Both me and Embla got the cutest yellow dress from Cos(in the picture), and I’m finally able to wear it today now that spring is here in Paris!



… mais toujours à Paris! I have struggled through my most stressful semester thus far, planning every quarter of  every hour, so the blog, work-outs, sleep, Skype-dates (and other dates) have inevitably suffered from it. But you won’t see me compromising on quality time with my girls! This extended entourage of beautiful people around the world give me so much joy, as you can see from my smirk that was glued on pretty much the entire New York week. There are piles of photos waiting to be posted from that trip, as well as pretty photos of Paris in spring. And then there are some exciting, exotic trips coming up in April, so I’ll have enough material to do a proper restructuring and provide you with the posts you’ve been asking for!

Thank you for bearing with me ♥



New Years was celebrated with Ida, Simone, and 30 other new friends, in a 300 square meter pool-equipped cabin in the mountains of Norway.

I got to spend more time with close friends at home for the rest of the break, before I desperately signed up to work for the remaining days.

Today I’ve been curing my sick throat and throbbing head with some tea and gingerbread cookies, hoping to get well for the final days at work before I head back to Paris on Wednesday. I’m longing to be back, to make sure that my friends are all right, and to get back to normal routines after the terrible events the past week. My heart goes out to all the people taking part in the Unity March today, showing that the world is not afraid to fight for the freedom of expression.



I had a great time with my family in Chamonix, despite the lack of snow this year. Only 8% of the ski slopes were open, but we were happy to get tan in the sun whenever we got bored of the same slope. And magically enough, half a meter of snow  appeared in the streets on our last night there, marking the perfect end to our week in the Alps.

Hope you all had a great time over the holiday!




Taken on my way home last week

Finals week is here, and I’m just realizing how fast everything has gone. This past semester has been non-stop busy, but I’ve met some amazing people along the way, had the best nights out, gotten more involved in the university and improved my french quite a bit! It’s always bittersweet leaving Paris during vacations, but I am so ready for this one. I am leaving Saturday morning by train to Chamonix, where I am meeting up my family. We’re going to spend Christmas in the Alps, and then return to Norway, where I’ll celebrate New Years with Ida and Simone! I can’t wait for us Parisians to reunite at home <3



Out of all the cafés I’ve tried out in Paris this semester, only a few have served as sweet study spots. I love reading and writing in cafés, but not all cafés love me back when I spread out on a table alone, and stay seated for several hours during busy lunch hours. These cafes are the exceptions:


Pomme-carotte-gingembre juice, cake treats of all kinds and big tables are three reasons to come here.

Rose Bakery

30 Rue Debelleyme

75003 Paris



Super nice people, delicious sandwiches, cute flower details and music that cheers you up. A winner!

Folks and Sparrows

14 Rue Saint-Sébastian

75011 Paris

IMG_7264 IMG_7268 IMG_7269

This warm cosy cafe, hidden behind a rustic door in the streets of Marais, serves all-vegan food, and even has a table set for one. Every time I come here I end up finishing 6-page essays like it was nothing, and a big plus is that they are open until 22.00 on weekdays.

Café Pinson

6 Rue du Forez

75003 Paris



Reflecting upon this semester, both Ida and I agreed we have had a pretty dead semester because of the humongous work-load. Though we are partially spoilt by the fact that there is always something going on in Paris, and that it is physically impossible to take part of everything, we still feel like we haven’t done shit of what we wanted to do since September. With this epiphany, we headed out to Versailles one Saturday morning and started what would become a week-long celebration of life, and partially of my 20th birthday.

v1IMG_7362IMG_7389v3IMG_7509IMG_7517v2  IMG_7434

20PM TO 18 PM


I was so happy Ingvild joined me for a night out in Paris. Going to bars beats clubbing anytime, and my only plan was to take her to Le Mary Celeste, one of the popular bars close to my place. As you know, the night didn’t end there, so we were pretty tired when we got up the next morning. Nevertheless, we dragged our make-up-less faces out to get breakfast at Marché des Enfants Rouge. This market is supposedly the oldest covered market in Paris, famous for all the food stands serving dishes from all over the world. They also have a fresh vegetable vendor and an abundance of flowers, which I plan on going back for today.


It was such a warm day, so we decided to stroll down to Shakespeare & Company in the nice weather. We each bought some books and sat down to read for half an hour, before it was time for Ingvild to catch her flight. With so much work lately, I even had to work when she was here, but I think we still managed to make the most out of the 22 hours we had together. Minimal sleep and flaneries is what Paris is all about.