So Daniel’s birthday dinner this Wednesday was quite something. There we were, ready for a small dinner after school to celebrate together, and then we meet up in this amazing hall, Le Train Bleu, and realize that our party is occupying two long tables with Daniel’s family and his dad’s co-workers. Lucky us got to sit closest to the birthday “kid”.

IMG_2603 IMG_2606 IMG_2597 IMG_2611

Champagne was served first, soon accompanied by wines and beers, all depending on one’s taste. With that many Germans on the table, beer was obviously the popular selection.


The set menu started with a delicious mushroom soup with foie gras…


Followed by salmon and root vegetables…


And a delicious pistachio brulée for dessert.

IMG_2613 IMG_2605 IMG_2625

As if this wasn’t enough, the businessmen announced towards the end that they had taken care of the bill! That made us students smile even more. We said our farewells by the time the restaurant was emptied, and headed over for drinks in Bastille before we went home.


Thank you for an amazing and memorable dinner Daniel! Couldn’t have thought of a better way of “ending” your stay in Paris(we know you’ll come back anyway).

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  1. Hihi dette er gøy, fikk spontan-skiftet etter skolen hos kjære Stine så er ikke mitt, men fikk komplimenter for det på metroen av noen britter også så må si meg veldig enig!! <3

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